Monday 23 July 2018

Dark Secrets: Children Are Being Deliberately Drugged into Foster Care

By J.S. von Dacre
Investigative Journalist of the International Criminal Court against Child Kidnapping

Here is a fact that may be unbeknownst to you–all across America, on a daily basis, thousands of children are being drugged in foster care. Not only is it legal, but it is also hugely profitable to the big wigs.

This unsettling trend has emerged from deep below the gutters–children who are on Medicaid and being fostered, are being prescribed strong psychiatric drugs at doses higher than the maximum amount that is approved by the FDA.

The Government Accounting Office (GAO) revealed the overuse and abuse of such drugs in foster care in an incriminatory report

It was discovered that children were being drugged in foster care with psychotropic drugs at rates of up to nearly five times higher than non-foster children. And in comparison with children who were not in the care system, the chances were much higher for foster children to be given five or more psychiatric drugs at the same time. Furthermore, foster children were nine times more likely to be given drugs that had no FDA-recommended dose for their age, and those under the age of one were twice as likely to be prescribed a psychiatric drug.
Sen. Thomas Carper, lead requestor of the GAO report, said of its findings:

"I was almost despondent to believe that the kids under the age of one, babies under the age of one were receiving this kind of medication."

What is darker still, is the impetus for this perturbing practice–in an unethical system, children who are being drugged in foster care are little more than potential customers.

Follow the trail of dollar bills, and in no time will it be discovered that those in care receive government insurance from Medicare, which not surprisingly, includes mental health services. Add to that equation the fact that Medicaid spends almost $6 billion each year on psychiatric medicine, and clarity begins to set in. The GAO reported that $200 million was spent in Texas alone.

It is a known fact that medicine of this type causes damage to a child’s developing brain. Not only are these drugs helping to keep the children in a more sedated state, thus, making them far easier to control, but they can also lead to long-term mental issues such as depression, anxiety, hostility, aggression, and mania.

Speaking to ABC news, one such child, 11-year-old Ke'onte from Texas, spoke about his experiences over the past few years. He was prescribed an array of potent, mind-alternative psychotropic drugs, for which he is now in therapy. His new family has had to wean him off the drugs and Ke'onte’s doctor has said that he does not have ADHD, nor is he bipolar.

"I was put on bipolar meds. I am not bipolar at all," Ke'onte told ABC News' Diane Sawyer. "I was on a whole lot of medicines that I should have not been on."  

Nor is the problem as simple as people who are unwilling to speak up. Parents or anyone who challenge the administration of these prescription drugs can face the real threat of having the child taken away from their care. This growing epidemic, known as medical kidnapping, happens when parents in the US have their children removed due to this questionable medical bureaucracy.

For more information on how children are being drugged in foster care, watch ICCACK’s video on the same topic here

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