Friday 24 August 2018


The International Criminal Court against Child Kidnapping exists to fight for the human rights of victimized parents & their wrongfully retained children to stop crimes against humanity. 

This includes legal actions against your spouse, as well as legal actions against taxpayer funded human trafficking of wrongfully retained children, harboring of illegal immigrants & Governmental child kidnapping with clear violations of international laws and treaties for the protection of the child!

When "left behind" parents and their offspring have been mistreated by corrupt Government officials, it’s time to restore your human rights! We only act in your child’s best interest, and make this always our top priority to restore their human rights, reunite you with your children by enforcing International Laws and Treaties to hold all "bad actors" accountable!

The International Criminal Court against Child Kidnapping enforces the Human Rights of wrongfully retained children across the world!

International Criminal Court Against Child Kidnapping
Schenkkade 50, The Hague - 2595 AR, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 - 70-800-2093

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